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SMS for tax

3 stand out SMS templates for FREE

We like making it easy for our charities to set up with ease, so we’re giving you some FREE advice in the form of winning SMS templates to start you off.

Ready to COPY. PASTE. SEND? here you go…

SMS #1 

[firstname], last chance to help xxxx and claim on tax. Please donate $xx by 30 June:


SMS #2

[firstname], all donations doubled until we hit our target. We need your help to xxxx. Please donate $xxx now:

SMS #3

(firstname], we’re still short. Please help us xxxx. Donate $xxx by midnight:

Here are a few other tips to use in your SMS:

  1. Using first names in the SMS are crucial, especially when asking for donations, make sure you merge in your sms, especially at the start of the sentence to personalise the donation experience.

  2.  Using their Ask 1 or last gift is extremely effective and taking this one more step further by utilising PURLS (personalised URLS) to make giving effortless on the donation form. We can show you how simple it really is 

  3. Urgent wording is a must such as HELP, LAST CHANCE, WE’RE SHORT especially around the deadline of 30 June

CONTACT US today and let the GiveEasy team help you set up your SMS – we’re here to help work out the best wording and timing to send your SMS.  

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